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UHI's expertise in precision machining technology has been continuously improved over many years of bearing manufacturing to achieve the following product diversification:
UHI was founded in 1966 and was founded in Rosental, Berlin, Germany. Since the company's establishment expenses, the main direction is to develop mechanical transmission bearings. UHI now offers a full range of mechanical automation bearings and is sold worldwide. UHI bearings have contributed greatly to the development of many mechanical automation and advances in mechanical technology. At present, the company has the highest market share in the German mechanical automation bearing market and is one of the world's largest suppliers of mechanical automation bearings.
Angular contact ball bearings, equal-section bearings (for robots), crossed roller bearings (for robots), automated linear bearings, guide rails.
Since the establishment of the first overseas sales office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 2010, UHI has continued to establish a business location overseas and continues to strengthen its global operations.
In 2012, UHI established a manufacturing subsidiary in Japan;
In 2015, other new manufacturing subsidiaries were established in North America and the United Kingdom.
In 2018, UHI Bearing set up a sales company in China, which made UHI have a higher market share in Asia.
From the middle of 2018, UHI quickly expanded its business to the entire Asian market. Especially in fast-growing markets such as China, UHI continues to strengthen its corporate structure and conduct R&D, sales and technical services locally.
UHI plans to increase its marketing globally to ensure that the entire company's business is expanded according to its established strategic objectives and is based on its corporate social responsibility.
By further leveraging the potential of its global network, UHI strives to further enhance its R&D, manufacturing, sales and management capabilities.