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Focus on automation industry, help industrial automation 4.0
Since the 21st century, Delk has supplied automation-specific bearings to 80% of German automation machinery companies and has rapidly expanded into new industrial markets. Today, we support the operation of the most demanding automated industrial machinery.
Standardized production process
Since the establishment of the company, we have strictly implemented the standardization in the operation process, and the automation of large-volume bearing production has reached an unprecedented speed, pushing Delk's production capacity and profit to a new level. But we have never stopped improving the pace of standardization. In 2014, we introduced the DeltaX program, a major investment designed to accelerate product development and expand our product line.
Global market growth
At the beginning of the 21st century, Delk entered the overseas market for the first time through a licensing agreement signed in the European Union, and then achieved a large-scale overseas expansion in 2000 and the following years. Today, we serve customers and markets around the world through a global network.