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+49 30 720125490

 After-sales service commitment:
Dear buyer,
Thank you for your support of our company! To give you a better idea of ​​our company, we want to show you the following service specifications:
Our factory will arrange production and delivery according to your delivery schedule.
2. With years of experience in production control, we can guarantee high quality and high cost performance. We strictly control the raw materials and other processes before the finished products according to the quality control system.
service items:
pre-sale service:
1. Systematically access customers and listen to their opinions.
2. Reply to the customer on the same day. If not, please provide a description.
3. Verify the contract within 2 days.
Sales service:
1. Strictly perform the contract. provide a consultation service.
2. Guarantee the quality of service and effectively solve the problem.
After sales service:
If there is a quality problem, the product can be returned or replaced.
Get feedback from customers and improve quality or service accordingly.
Guaranteed service:
1. Three free services:
Free technical guidance
Free related information
Free training products
2. Three timely services:
Respond to inquiries regarding product performance and technology.
Analyze and judge product issues in a timely manner
Timely designated services and telephone services
Three supervisions:
User supervision service time
User supervision service content
User oversight service integrity
Three points for our service staff:
1. Do not change or delay the specified service time
2. Do not ask the user to provide room and board during the visit.
3. Don't deny users when the problem is related to our products.
Three meets:
1. Meet the needs of sales staff
2. Meet the needs of traders
3. Meet the user