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What are the precautions for regular maintenance of bearings

The first is to check whether the secondary bearing parts can be reused and recorded better than the bad ones when inspecting the bearings. It is also necessary to carefully investigate and record the removed bearings and appearance. In order to clarify and investigate the remaining amount of lubricant, the bearings should be cleaned well after sampling. Next, check the raceway surface of the bearing, the condition of the rolling surface and the mating surface, and the wear state of the cage, etc., for damage and abnormality, especially to observe the running track of the raceway surface.
    To determine whether the bearing can be used again, it is necessary to consider the degree of bearing damage, machine performance, importance, operating conditions, inspection cycle, etc. If the bearing is found to be damaged or abnormal, please find out the cause according to the phenomenon of bearing damage and formulate countermeasures. In addition, the inspection results, if there are the following defects, the bearing can no longer be used, need to replace the new bearing.
    1. The raceway surface, the ribs and the rolling elements have significant jamming.
    2. The wear of the cage is severe or the rivet is loose.
    3. The raceway surface, rolling elements are rusted and scratched.
    4. There are significant indentations and marks on the rolling surface and the rolling elements.
    5. Any one of the inner and outer rings, the rolling elements, and the cage has cracks and fragments.
    6. The inner and outer rings and the rolling elements are all peeled off.
    7. The inner diameter of the inner ring or the outer diameter of the outer ring is creepy.
    8. Superheated and discolored.
    9 grease seal bearing seals and dust cover damage is serious.