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How to reduce ball bearing noise

1. Manufacturing process
Process refinement mainly refers to the process flow is as short as possible, process processing is combined, production has no intermediate inventory, and the process factors affecting the performance of low-noise ball bearings are effectively reduced; production is clean, which is a systematic technology, including grinding fluid, super Semen, cleaning fluid, air, high-pressure air, production environment and other technical processes; automation, from car processing to assembly process automation, few people or unmanned; scale, such bearings, especially silent ball bearings, must form a large-scale And talents have the ability to compete in the global market.
  2, equipment
  High-speed grinding, electric spindle accuracy, stiffness, life and various perfect inspection and maintenance performance play a major role in grinding precision and efficiency; grinding machine technology, foreign internal grinding machines generally have high-speed grinding, AC servo control, feed Resolution 0.25μ, fully automatic easy operation, self-diagnosis function, etc.; super-fine technology, mainly Dongguan shop decoration fine machine for the unintentional support of two stations super fine and hydraulic centering four represented by Germany's Tirenhaus Ultra-precision two methods; line detection technology, since the 1980s, the Japanese bearing industry is the most common for automatic grinding ultra-short wire applications with active measurement of external feedback control. The application of the grinding super automatic line formed by the country in this way is also relatively mature, and there are currently about 100 in China. With the improvement of host technology in industrial advanced countries from time to time, the connection line is becoming more and more simple, gradually reducing or eliminating the need for active measurement and off-board inspection; the centerless cylindrical grinding machine, KOYOMIKROSA, etc. generally adopts the rolling bearing grinding wheel spindle unit, which has high rigidity. High precision, short life, convenient loading and unloading, reliable use, etc.; the bed has damping attenuation and reduction characteristics; the feed adopts high-precision micro-motion AC servo system, stable transmission AC frequency conversion guide wheel adjustment system, and can have online random intelligence The measurement can realize CBN grinding wheel grinding, etc. It can realize automatic connection, and the roundness can reach 0.3μm and the size can be dispersed up to 3μm.
  Surface grinders, foreign double-end (such as KOYOLan-diGardner surface grinder spindles are generally used high-precision, high-rigidity rolling bearing spindle unit grinding wheel shaft system, oil mist lubrication. Taking Gardner technology as an example, the company has more than 90 research and production system equipment The annual history can be used to grind bearings, ceramics, glass, rubber, plastics, etc. The main technology of Dongguan Decoration Company is automatic wheel dressing and compensation. The grinding wheel is fed with servo motor screw coaxial structure, and the grinding wheel is quickly synchronized inside and outside. The feeding accuracy can reach 0.25μm. The fuselage is placed on two horizontal blocks and balancer. The balancer has self-balancing support rods, which can be automatically adjusted to form a horizontal plane with the two horizontal blocks, so that the machine can get a stable support. The effect of the balancer is to maintain the concentricity of the grinding wheel shaft and increase the interval between the dressing wheels. The workpiece feed has four types: rotary, reciprocating, penetrating and special. It can be used with super abrasive grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheel and CBN grinding. High cutting precision, good stability, extremely long grinding wheel life and convenient operation adjustment, can be customized according to processing requirements Abrasives, binders, structures (rings, buttons or links) are formulated to achieve optimum grinding results with parallelism and flatness up to 1 μm.
  At present, China's deep groove sealing ball bearings are almost the same as the internal structural parameters of foreign advanced companies. However, the vibration and noise levels of such products in China are far from the foreign products, mainly due to the influence of manufacturing and working conditions. From the perspective of the bearing industry, the working conditions can be solved by reasonable requirements for the host, and how to reduce the vibration and noise caused by manufacturing factors is a problem that the bearing industry must solve.